Plato’s Cave

A contemporary adaptation of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. You are the prisoner and finally exiting your cave: into the world of virtual reality.

My first foray into VR. I wrote this script thinking that Plato's story was equally an allegory for my newfound obsession, virtual reality. Wrote and ideated in Spring 2017, my freshman year of college. Co-directed the experience with Hannah Seckendorf. Shot with Google JUMP and edited in Final Cut Pro. Released to widespread (lol) critical acclaim in Fall 2018.

The film did make it into the Official Selection of Ivy Film Festival's New Media section in Spring 2019.

Ancient Greek: ἀλήθεια (noun) (aa-lee-th-ee-aa) “truth”

Best experienced in a headset: Down load link

Directed by Michael Bass and Hannah Seckendorf

Written by Michael Bass… and Plato

Starring Anabella Raye

Original Music by Dogmanjones

Thanks to Adam Blumenthal, Charlie Bares, Jeremy Roth-Rose, and Max Sternlicht

Shot with the Google Jump