Hello! I make multimedia stories. This site brings together my work with AR/VR, writing, photography, and filmmaking.

In May 2020, I graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Modern Culture & Media. My senior thesis was: "Sharing an Extended Reality: AR/VR Journalism and Public Spheres."

I’m exploring the ethics and storytelling practices of extended reality (XR) technology. How can extended reality foster a sense of shared reality? Can virtual and augmented worlds work to deepen our connection to the physical and natural world? I approach digital media from a technorealist standpoint: the goal is “neither to champion nor dismiss technology, but rather to understand it and apply it in a manner more consistent with basic human values.”

To that end, I make immersive projects that focus on VR's powers of presence and empathy and that leverage AR's knack for localization and context.

Currently, I’m living in San Francisco, working with The Endless Co.

work experience:

  • Oculus: Launch Pad Fellow 2019-2020
  • Future of Storytelling: Research Associate 2019
  • Brown Multimedia Labs: Creative Technologist 2019
  • Two Goats: Immersive Intern 2019
  • Tribeca Productions: Intern, CEO Jane Rosenthal 2016