When I Was Little

Built in 2.5 days at the MIT Reality Hack, for Oculus Quest and Magic Leap One. January 16-20, 2020.

When I Was Little is a shared memory from two different perspectives. Our narrator recalls an emotionally charged childhood memory — as they recount the story, two players experience it simultaneously. One player views the memory unfold in first-person virtual reality (Oculus Quest) The other player watches the story transpire in third-person, birds-eye-view augmented reality (Magic Leap).

The multiplayer experience mirrors the difference between the field and observer perspectives in an autobiographical memory. Sometimes, we remember episodes as seen through our own eyes — other times, it's as if we're watching the events from afar.

VR/AR development by Michael Bass, Alex Coulombe, Kathleen Bryan, Kalila Shapiro, Devon Kennedy.

Made with Unity, Depthkit, and Normcore for Oculus Quest and Magic Leap.