Earth Control Room

My final piece for the production course, Data Visceralization + Climate Change, was an augmented reality installation.

The Earth Control Room is named after and inspired by the Fleischer Brothers' 1928 cartoon, Koko's Earth Control. The project envisions the cartoon's planetary dashboard as a multiplayer game, in which three players each operate their own sensor to impact an augmented reality earth, tracked and localized to a cardboard control box. At the outset of the experience, the visible augmented earth is rapidly disintegrating, suffering from rising sea levels. The players' task is to each mobilize their respective sensor to resuscitate the planet.

One player operates Time, speeding up the globe's rotation as they spin the Arduino-powered potentiometer. A second member embodies Activism with a microphone: if they scream loud enough, they can save the land from destruction. The last player bears the burden of Action. A Leap Motion hand sensor tracks their movement, so if they dare touch the AR lever, "the world will come to an end." And so will the game.

To win, the activist need only scream loud enough to pre-empt the actor's destruction of the world. If time moves too fast, and the actor is too aggressive, the planet cannot survive.

Built in Unity, with Vuforia, Blender, Leap Motion, Arduino, and LEGOs :)